Saturday, 1 February 2014

Love is in the Air - Book now for Valentines Day!

Its that time of year again, when we all get just a bit soppy and publicly declare our undying love for that someone special in our life (whether its a partner or friend) and here at the Drum, we are still feeling a bit soppy as Marc and Emma recently joined the newly-wed brigade!

Here is one recipe for love and happiness, but rather than reaching for the sick bucket, why not book now and treat that someone special to our Valentines Day Menu, prices start from just £10.95! With a log burner in our restaurant, it's sure to get you all cosy and in the good books, just leave the romantic stuff until you get home!

1/2 a cup of hugs
4 tsp of kisses
4 cups of love
1 cup of special holiday cheer
1/2 cup of sweetheart hugs
3 tsp of cinnamon hearts
2 cups of love and kindness
1 bag of valentines
1 medium-size bag of great big red hearts

Blend all and sprinkle with lots of love! 

Bleugh, now where is that bucket?!?!?!